About The Founder

Dr. Sadiya Vanjara Head of Physiotherapy Dept, Noor Hospital. Owner/CEO at 'SPARSH 4.0' Healthcare Products.

Dr Vanjara's primary purpose continues to be the same over the years, i.e to help, guide, rehabilitate patients; and equip them enough to understand their pain & be as independant & functional as they can be.

May it be via lectures, camps, workshops, seminars or one-to-one counselling. With an outstanding background as a physiotherapist and with over 15 years of hands-on experience in India and abroad, Sadiya Vanjara brings both her passion and her expertise to her work.

Dr Vanjara is a well-published and recognized physiotherapist, and writes articles and columns in a myrid of leading newspapers and physiotheraphy magazines and is the Head of the Department at Noor Hospital.

She was recently awarded as the “Best Physiotherapist In Mumbai" by 4MT India Healthcare Awards, New Delhi.