Bunion/Gout Pain-Relieving Sleeve Pads with True Gel Lining From Inside, One Pair, For both Legs

  • Pain reliever for Bunion Pain, Hallux Pain, Gout Pain.One Pair. For Two Legs. Universal Size. Two Pieces for Big Toe Pain. Very effective in reducing pain for Bunion Toes. Proven helpful & effective on many people with Painful swollen Bunions which rub & bank against the inside of your shoes while walking/ standing.
  • Cotton+ Spandex Material, with thick Gel Coating on the inside for great toe area. Slip On sleeves to reduce pain and swelling around great toe.Unisex. Washable. Reusable.
  • Washable.Washing Instruction: Dip in tap water with mild soap for ten minutes. Then put to dry and then use.
  • Please note this is not PERMANENT CORRECTOR for old/chronic Hallux Problems. It is just a Soft Temporary Correction to relieve Pain and Stiffness.You can wear it on your foot, and wear socks on it so that it doesn’t move too much while you walk.

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