Flat Feet Correction Shoe Insoles, Large size 40-44 (sp-eva large sefu) – 1 Pair

  • Correcting medial arch insoles. Shoe size 40-44, 8-14. One pair. With unique of being feather light in weight so that it doesn’t feel heavy in the shoes. Arch support design for flat feet. Also relieves foot pain, knee pain, back pain which happens due to flat feet problem. Helps reduce foot pain, knee pain, back pain
  • With embossing cutting guide lines, adjust the length according to your foot. Velour fabric with sweat absorption, keep your foot dry and soft all day long. Correction of posture. Washable. Reusable.whatever is your foot size, leave 1 cm from up and down and then cut it. See images to understand how to cut and insert in the footwear
  • Excellent ‘medial-arch rise’ in foot (which is ideally missing in a person with Flat Foot)
  • Cut it and customize it according to your foot size
  • Removable and reusable. Cut-to-fit in your shoes. Please see our video demo of this product on the desktop site