Flat Feet Supporting-the-Arch-Insoles Full Length Ultra Comfortable Supra Effective PU+Fabric – 38

  • Ultra Comfortable Supra Effective PU Insoles for Supporting(not correcting) the Medial Arch in Flat Feet. Helps reduce Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain. Flat Feet Supporting-the-Arch-Insoles Insoles Full Length Ultra Comfortable Supra Effective PU+Fabric, Removable, Inter-Changeable Between Multiple Shoes.For Foot Size Eur=38, Ind=5/6. One Pair.Unisex.
  • We also have a demo video on the desktop site if you would like to watch. Please see images to understand how to use this product: Cut 1 cm longer than your foot size. Make it sit in your shoe. Comfortably placed between your socks & shoes.
  • TOP QUALITY PREMIUM INSOLES. Can be used in everyday shoes, sports shoes, walking shoes , hiking shoes, running shoes, etc. Can be used for Running, Jogging. For Size Eur=40-46, Ind=6-14
  • Sporty Yellow & Blue Color. Shoes may become a little tight once these insoles are inserted in them.Removable & Reusable. Cut-to-fit in your Shoes.
  • Unique blue areas work as the ‘de-pressurizing’ areas, to take away the pressure while walking.Perfect for any sports shoes, training/gym/jogging/casual shoes or any shoes with laces. We have other Gel Insoles for leather & formal shoes. Please note that this product is only for SOFTLY SUPPORTING THE MEDIAL ARCH.

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