Latest Acupressure Style Insoles for Foot, Leg, Calf, Knee Pain Removable & Reusable – 42

  • ‘SPARSH 4.0 Latest style Full 100% Gel Insoles For Foot Leg Calf Knee Pain. Removable & Reusable. Cut to fit in your Shoes. One Pair. For Foot Size Eur-42, Ind-8/9
  • PREMIUM TOP QUALITY INSOLES. Removable & Reusable. Cut-to-fit in your Shoes. Helps reduce Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain. Uniquely designed and medically recommended. Perfect for all ages and both men and women. Improve step balance and foot strength.Unisex.
  • Remove the Plastic from the product & it should nicely sit between in your shoe. Can be comfortably used for jogging/running.Anti-skidding, shock-absorbing and depressurizing. Reduce the damage to your feet due to vibration.
  • Applicable for all kinds of casual, formal, sport shoes, hiking shoes and working shoes.All-day comfort.
  • There are cutting lines on the top part of the insoles, which you can cut/adjust to your own suitable size. Made from environmental friendly material, highly flexible.

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