Pain Relief Package For Heel Spurs, Calcaneal Spurs – 2 Pairs, 4 Units – Universal Size

  • ‘SPARSH 4.0’ Pain Relief Package for Heel Spurs, Calcaneal Spurs. 2 Pairs, 4 Units, Universal Size. For Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Calcaneal Spurs & Plantar Fasciitis. Two Units of Gel Heel Pads for Shoe Inserts. Two Units of Heel Sleeves for Direct Wear.
  • Heel Pain Relief Pads, for Heel Spurs, SMALL-MEDIUM Size, One Pair, Cushion Gel Material.One Pair, for Foot Size Eur-34-40, Ind 4-7. Enhance blood circulation and reduce muscular aches and pains.
  • BLUE GEL HEEL PADS FOR SHOE INSERTS: Great for plantar fascitis sufferers and associated bone spurs in the heel. The blue silicone is anti-slippery enough to keep them in place within the shoes.Can be worn in all kind of shoes except open sandals and Floaters.
  • HEEL SLEEVES FOR DIRECT WEAR: 100% brand new Gel heel socks cups protectors. – Protect heel from painful irritation, spur, shoe sore, blisters, calluses and getting dry which causes cracking. – Absorbs shock and shear forces and Immediately relieve uncomfortable heel pain. – Whitening and Moisturizing effects Soften and make a beautiful baby skin. – Medical High Grade Gel, Non-toxic. Innovative Soft TPE Technology. – Stretches and Fits All Size of Foot. Comfortably can be worn under socks.

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