SPARSH 4.0 Bunion Splints, One Pair,Universal Size

  • Top Quality Bunion Splints For Both Legs, One Pair. Universal Size. Washable Re-Usable. Flexible At The Big Toe Joint. For Both Legs. Can Be Used At Day Time & Night Time.
  • Scientific Correction, The Effect Is Remarkable. Metatarsal Band Fits Easily Into Most Footwear And Reduces Slippage Soft Toe Straps Will Not Irritate Skin.
  • Special T-Strap Gently Guides Toe(S) Into Proper Alignment. Mild Or Moderate Mal-Positioning Of The Big Toe. Wearing This Aid Helps Prevent Bunion Progression, Overlapping Toes, And Hammer Toes
  • Limiting The Need For Surgery.Adjustable Toe Strap And Hinge Realigns The Big Toe, Helping To Straighten The Toe While Helping Alleviate Pain.
  • Padded Hinge Splint With Soft Gel Cushion Protects Irritated Tissue, Distributes Pressure And Provides Corrective Support. Anatomically-Curved, Dual-Strapping System Stabilizes Metatarsal Arch.Can Be Worn At Home During Normal Daily Activities. Comfortable To Wear While Sleeping Also.