Sparsh 4.0 Night & Day Combi-Orthotic Package For Flat Feet Problems – 36-40

  • Combi-Package for Flat Feet Problems, for Foot size 36-40. One pair of Hard Insoles & One Pair of Soft Gel Insoles. Comes with User Instructions.
  • Hard Insoles can be cut to customize(see images) & fit in your shoes. Hard insoles can used in any kind of closed shoes (office shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes) for walking, travelling. Corrects your legs pain with functional insoles.
  • Soft Gel Insoles don’t need cutting, they can be worn directly, without depending upon any kind of shoes or sandals. Provide arch and heel supports.
  • Effective remedy for Flat Feet pain & Problems..Removable. Reusable. Washable. Universal size.