Sparsh 4.0 Pain Relief From Bunion Toes For Both Legs, Sleeve + Cap Universal Size

  • Two sets(two sleeves+ two caps, TOTAL 4PCS) for both legs.Soft stretchy sleeve securely positions a gel pad over the area, reducing shock and providing protection. Designed to fit comfortably in dress shoes. Soft stretch-fabric cover positions anatomically designed gel pad comfortably over painful bunion (hallux joint).Unisex. Also used for Gout Problems.
  • Cotton+ Spandex Material, with thick Gel Coating on the inside for great toe area. Cover fabric is made from anti-fungal material and is comfortable to wear.Please note this is not PERMANENT CORRECTOR for old/chronic Hallux Problems. It is just a Soft Temporary Correction to relieve Pain and Stiffness.
  • Toe sleeve secures comfortably over the big toe and around the foot to prevent slide.
  • Washable and reusable. Unlike foam, it will not flatten or change shape.Helps protect against pain of finger or toe caused by pressure and friction.
  • Reduces pain caused by calluses, soft corns and hammertoes. Soothing gel Everyday wearing the gel protectors will gentle realign toes to their natural position. GEL SEPERATOR PAD STOPS the injured toe from rubbing against its neighbours and causing further damage.Pain Relief From Bunion Toes For both Legs, Sleeve + Cap, With 100% silicone lining inside.Universal Size. One Size Fits all. For both Legs. Please go on the DESKTOP SITE to view the VIDEO DEMO/INSTRUCTION VIDEO of this Product

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