SPARSH 4.0′ Triple Density Design Comforts Shoe Insoles

  • Premium Quality Full Gel Insoles with “Triple-effect-technology”. Relieves foot pain and reduces Shoe Discomfort. Premium International Quality Triple Density Design Comforts Shoe Insoles.Can be used for all kind of casual, formal and sports shoes. Advanced design for ultimate comfort in Everyday Shoes Walking, One Pair, Cut-to-fit. Shoe Size Eur=40-46, Ind=6-13. Best For Use In any casual shoes, work shoes or walking shoes. For Foot Size Eur=41, Ind= 7/8.
  • Remove the Plastic from the product & it should nicely sit between in your shoe.Contoured support and soft gel comfort for pleasant experience.Can be comfortably used for Running/ Jogging.
  • Best Insoles for Consumers seeking all day comfort for their feet.Unisex. Helps reduce Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain. Eur=41, Ind= 7/8.
  • Consumers standing for long periods of time: workers, students and travelers.Removable & Reusable. Cut-to-fit in your Shoes.
  • Absorbing shock to reduce foot fatigue and sore feet.Cut 1cm longer than foot size and insert in your shoes to check if it is sitting properly in the shoe or not. If still longer then cut a few mm more. It should properly sit in your shoe. See images. If your shoes are narrow and the insoles are broader then you can also cut the insoles from the sides.Please Note: Shoes may become tighter after inserting these insoles. Can be used for all kind of casual, formal and sports shoes.