Ultra Effective Full Length Shoe-Foot Insoles Light Weight for Heel & Knee Pain – 44

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  • TOP QUALITY PREMIUM INSOLES. Unique Orange Gel at two different spots controls forefoot and heel balance.Lightweight, Formed with arch support in mind, Color: Blue+Red Anti-bacterial, Velour natural softness protects the skin and gives added comfort. Soft foam absorbs 50% shock, reducing stress on Feet, toes, knees and back.Unisex.
  • Can be comfortably used for jogging/running.Provides increased stability and shock absorbing quality while walking/running/standing for long hours.
  • TOP QUALITY, ULTRA EFFECTIVE, FULL LENGHT SHOE-FOOT INSOLES. CUT-CUSTOMIZE-FIT-IN-SHOE INSOLES. 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE. Light Weight For Heel & Knee Pain. Supports the Feet very well. One Pair for Both Feet, Daily Wear, Removable, Re-usable (in other Footwear) Cut to fit. Broad type. PREMIUM TOP QUALITY INSOLES. For Foot Size Eur-44, Ind-10/11.Top premium Quality PU +Fabric Material is breathable to avoid sweat odor.Removable & Reusable. Cut-to-fit in your Shoes.
  • One Pair for Both Feet. Cut to fit (see images). For Foot Size Eur-44, Ind-10/11. Perfect for any sports shoes, training/gym/jogging/casual shoes or any shoes with laces. We have other Gel Insoles for leather & formal shoes.




5 year warranty, very sturdy heavy duty insoles, but light in weight. Cut to fit design.

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