Ultra Soft Gel Heel Pads for Men and Women Universal Size

  • Ultra soft ultra effective 100% gel heel pads for men and women, for heel pain, heel spurs, heel swelling, for foot size 36-40, one pair
  • Perfect for all ages for men and women
  • Improve step balance and foot strength. Snugly sits between heel and your footwear
  • Anti-skidding, shock-absorbing and depressurizing for foot. please images all the images of this product for better understanding and of how to wear. It will sit very well in any shoes
  • Reduce the damage to the foot due to vibration. One pair, for left and right foot. Washable, reusable. Can be comfortably used while walking, standing, and moving. Not to be worn at night time. Applicable for all kinds of sport shoes, hiking shoes and working shoes

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Sample - Store wide discount 1 - 999 25 %